Top Strategies for Launching SAAS Learning Management System

What is SAAS Learning Management System?

The companies and organizations which have the Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) implemented are in the position to purchase this technology. So, usually, they hire IT experts to manage their software programs. The system is upgraded with SAAS (known as “the cloud”). It is a software vendor which supports and hosts the LMS software. This system has many benefits, such as faster deployment and lower initial costs. The SAAS system is a combination of learning management and content management, created to increase the effectiveness of online learning courses.
What are the top strategies for launching SAAS LMS?
With a good strategy for launching your new SAAS for LMS system, you eliminate all headaches and difficulties. So, if you have decided to implement this cloud system into your LMS system, then you need a good plan and strategy that works for you. There are two important strategies: the Big Launch and the Slow Rollout.

The Big Launch

This launching strategy allows you to load all your courses first. Then, it gives you the authority to upload all of the users, to define teams, and to assign access types before you launch your LMS software. This is very important no matter how big your business is. However, you should take into account that you will need the formal launch, but be prepared for it requires more resources for your database access.
Another very important thing about this strategy of launching SAAS LMS system is a really good communication. The big launch requires a change of your management skills and knowledge. For example, if your big lunch is created for your employees, you should have a precisely organized employment structure. Then, you need to define the access to the database for every employee.

Slow Rollout

This kind of strategy is less formal than the first one. With the Slow Rollout, you can have a less structured and precise plan for implementing your LMS system. However, this launch strategy usually offers a high-level success when there is one person in a training team. It is based on the idea of a quiet launching of LMS, publishing all courses and allowing the register to your employees, customers, and partners. Also, the Slow Rollout gives you the ability to learn about the content immediately as it has been launched instead of waiting for the content to be approved. This strategy is supported by many business companies, although there is a large number of those who support the formal one, the Big Launch.
What about Google launching of SAAS?
Google is using Geo Learning Company, which has worked for 10 years so far, and it’s the pioneer in launching SAAS software for learning management systems. This company works on customer training applications for the state and for the local markets.
They were the first to implemented LMS systems to their business. Geo Learning purchased their system with the quality content and e-commerce training.
Also, there are Google apps, an innovative training tool which is functional and effective. Thanks to Docebo’s Google App tutorials, you can communicate and collaborate on any device at any time.